//Right Guidance Can Make Moonlighting Right

Moonlighting – the act of holding a second job in addition to one’s regular full-time job – is a common occurrence, especially among professionals. A recent study showed that nearly one in four employed adults in the United States moonlights. The ratio is no less in India.

While some people do it for extra income, others do it to pursue a passion or side gig. Still, others do it to gain experience in a new field or industry. Whichever the reason, moonlighting can be a useful tool – if it’s done right.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide on moonlighting for professionals. In it, we’ll cover the benefits and risks of moonlighting, as well as the ethical considerations one must take into account. We’ll also guide you to make moonlighting work for you.

The debate whether moonlighting is ethical or not, began with a tweet by Wipro’s executive chairman Mr. Rishad Premji where he compared moonlighting to cheating. “It is very simple. It is an act of integrity violation. We terminated the services of those people,” Premji responded to a question from ET.

The critical Covid period fueled the already existing concept of moonlighting. People could save time on traveling, free from continuous monitoring, overall, the work-from-home or remote format allowed people to learn new skills, utilize them and use them either for passion or as a side gig. especially in Technology and software companies, the opinion divide is broader.

Wipro sacked 300 employees whom it found out were working for competitors being on their payroll. whereas companies like Swiggy and Tech Mahindra have no objection to taking up other jobs. MD Foxhog, Tarun Poddar Said, ” I believe in flexibility and empowered human resources. If my employee wants to, hone their skills, learn new skills, pursue their passion and if it doesn’t harm my business on one hand and on the other hand it empowers my people then I believe moonlighting is good.”

Moonlighting can be acceptable, first, doesn’t affect the primary job. Second, the consent of the company is a must. Third, companies need to understand that an employee is free to do whatever he wants in his leisure time.

Moonlighting can be a great way to pursue your passions and develop your skills. However, it is important to do your research and find a reputable source of guidance to ensure that you are moonlighting in a way that is ethically and performance-based. With the right guidance, moonlighting can be a great way to enhance your career.


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