Partnership for Growth 

Our services and business solutions are strengthened by alliances with leading technology partners. Our network of alliance and teaming relationships creates business value, reduces implementation risk and accelerates go-to-market.

We work with our partners to boost their revenue growth, expand markets and geographic reach, facilitate sales process, and enhance product and service offerings.

Foxhog and alliance partners jointly deliver business solutions that address our clients’ business and technology problems. We address specific client needs as well as develop tools and methods to accelerate the successful deployment of solutions while reducing risk.

In line with our corporate governance model and strategy of transparency, we do not solicit or accept influence or marketing assistance fees from any of our partners. Instead, our relationship focuses on joint investment in solutions, tools, and training.

Finding Innovators to create dreams 

If you need funding to grow your business, or you are just starting up, and in need of financial assistance, we would help you out! Our management board comprises of reputed investors whom you can impress with your creative ideas. If we believe in your ideas, we would be happy to help you in building a portfolio for financial assistance.

We are a team of angel investors who help you with equity or non-equity assistance for your venture. If you can make us believe in the growth potential of your idea, we would be happy to help you. We do not just provide the initial funding and leave our clients; instead, we help them grow by providing continuous guidance at every step.

Foxhog encourages the development of entrepreneurship, and if your venture is capable of achieving great heights, we are there to help you! Be it a merger, acquisition, or diversification that your business is going through; we can help you with that. We would be as enthusiastic as you are to see your venture succeed!