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Why Chose Foxhog ?

  • Ability to expedite sales processes.
  • An unmatched understanding of the underlying value of assets.
  • A storied track record in asset dispositions/monetization.
  • Available capital to facilitate transactions.
  • A highly-streamlined decision making process.

Disposition Advisory Services

During a downsizing, divestiture or other transitional initiative, Foxhog’s initial approach never focuses on simply breaking down and selling-off inventory. When possible, we find creative ways to partner inventory with other hard and intangible assets to maximize recovery value

Wholesale Purchases

Foxhog leverages a sophisticated network of opportunistic inventory buyers throughout North America and India (and beyond) to provide comprehensive wholesale inventory solutions to our partners. Transactions can be structured on a fee, guarantee or equity basis.

Inventory Augmentation

Every year, Foxhog purchases millions of dollars of goods in support of our retail liquidation events. Inventories sought include all major categories within the consumer goods space, as well as selected industrial inventories.

Assessing and acting on situations holistically

A thorough analysis of wholesale asset values must take into account whether maximized recovery will be achieved by breaking assets into lots or selling the grouping of assets as components of an ongoing entity.

At Foxhog, we take such a holistic approach to both wholesale appraisals and dispositions. Although our liquidation practice is among the largest in the world, we also have a storied history as workout professionals, receivers, trustees and restructuring officers and are, as a result, uniquely positioned to determine both how to achieve the the most accurate NOLV in a formal appraisal and how wholesale assets are best monetized

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