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Even thriving retail operations must address under-performing merchandise and locations. Four-wall unprofitability, lease expirations and the divestiture of concepts all challenge the enterprise value of a retail business. As merchants who have run the day-to-day operations of large chains, Foxhog’s retail professionals are uniquely qualified to tailor disposition programs to address individual situations.

When called upon, we will guarantee a predetermined financial result while leveraging our Revolving Credit Facility to facilitate operations. We roll up our sleeves and extract every dollar from an asset disposition by purging surplus inventory through innovative sales techniques and emerging technologies – including online sales and social media.

Foxhog has a history in the disposition of assets on behalf of our strategic partners. We are merchants, day-to-day operators, marketers, and financial and legal experts all focused on maximizing asset recoveries. Our history, expertise, and knowledge uniquely qualify us to tailor disposition programs specific to individual situations, rather than attempting to impose generic models which may be unsuitable to achieving our partners’ goals.

Foxhog sells-through over Millions of surplus or under-performing assets annually– most notably within the context of corporate restructurings, mergers, acquisitions, turnarounds, downsizings, and divestitures. Our asset knowledge covers all categories of Consumer goods.

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