As directors of re-sizings, mergers, acquisitions and corporate divestitures, we are uniquely positioned to determine if assets are best monetized individually, as components of an ongoing entity, or in alternate markets. By looking at the whole picture, Tiger consistently achieves the truest sustainable NOLV in a formal appraisal.

The Appraisal Process 

Foxhog’s retail, wholesale, industrial and IP valuations allow lenders to set advance rates and monitor the value of collateral at different intervals during the sales year. Our third-party assessment of an assets’ Net Orderly Liquidation Value (NOLV) provides our partners with sustainable asset values before a loan is underwritten.Arriving at NOLV takes a deep understanding of the asset, the company, market conditions, comparable fair market and close out values and the experience to know how to interpret this information. Such experience requires decades of real world sales exposure and a highly detailed methodology.

Report Attributes 

Foxhog appraisals are built on four cornerstones. Our liquidation experience covers 40 years and the sale of many billions of dollars of assets covering all major categories. We take action quickly and leverage our unmatched experience as receivers, trustees, and chief restructuring officers to arrive at an NOLV that will, if necessary, adhere to the standards of the federal bankruptcy court.

Finally, we monitor accounts after the issuance of the appraisal report to keep our financial partners informed of any changes in the marketplace or company holding the assets.

Site Visits 

Understanding the true liquidation recovery value of a collection of assets takes more than a cursory look at inventory logs and sales projections. One must understand the whole picture before arriving at conclusions. So we put boots on the ground.

Our analysts conduct a thorough inspection of assets where they are – from stores to warehouses and distribution centers. For industrial M&E, we go to the site of the equipment to determine both the physical state of the assets and the best possible sales channels in which to maximize recoveries.

Financial Metrics 

Each valuation is constructed as would be an actual liquidation proposal. The process combines site visits and management interviews with an analysis of industry conditions, the physical state of the assets, the efficiencies of it’s systems and logistics, and projected expenses needed to sell-down the assets in an orderly manner.

Beyond this quantitative analysis, we look at how a company is positioned within it’s industry and how much customer goodwill is projected unto the company to arrive at a highly-detailed forecast of expected recovery values.

Strategic Partners 

Professionals within Foxhog Ventures and its affiliates have completed comprehensive appraisal projects for many of the world’s most respected financial institutions. Projects have covered every asset category – from consumer goods and industrial M&E to intellectual property and corporate valuations.
Our promise to our partners is simple and powerful:  extraordinary service, timely communications and a single-minded focus on determining the most accurate valuation for a group of assets.

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