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Debt Financing

Foxhog shares in the risk of transactions by providing debt financing, often times in a split lien or minority position.

Because of our storied liquidation history and disposition infrastructure, we are frequently able to place higher values, and advance rates  on underperforming or surplus assets, than traditional investors.

Of greater importance, Foxhog will underwrite and invest, base upon the risk of these assets.  Thereby, making Tiger a valued partner to both senior lenders and equity owners.

We will provide junior secured Tranche B, Pari-Passu or Mezzanine financing, as well as Bridge Loans, Term Loans, and Collateral Guarantees to facilitate turnarounds, provide additional working capital, or simply mitigate risk.

Capital Investments

Our philosophy is grounded in one, simple fact: we don’t have clients, we have partners.

Whether our partners are looking to facilitate a merger, acquisition, downsizing or divestiture, we stand ready to deliver intelligent and innovative solutions, as well as Equity Capital and divestiture expertise, as part of an acquisition strategy.

Our willingness to purchase and monetize the least attractive assets in a holding or acquisition allows our partners to focus on, and bid on, only the more profitable elements of an asset package, thereby allowing our partners to reduce their capital outlay and increase their acquisition bids.

At any given time, Foxhog can bring tens of millions of dollars, if not more, into a single transaction to purchase and monetize the unwanted assets in our partners’ portfolio.

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