Foxhog encourages the development of entrepreneurship, and if your venture is capable of achieving great heights, we are there to help you! Be it a merger, acquisition, or diversification that your business is going through; we can help you with that. We would be as enthusiastic as you are to see your venture succeed!

Our Subsidiaries 

Budding Beats™

Budding Beats,A USA Based business Magazine available in Web edition,E-magazine and Print in India and USA, was started as a venture to bring authentic information to the entrepreneurs about enterprises that have been highly successful. We deliver to our readers the stories of those whose success knows no bounds. Our aim is to motivate budding talents and giving them insightful information about different businesses in diverse industries. Through Budding Beats, Foxhog is trying to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit among the young minds. We bring the stories of those who broke all shackles and stereotypes of the society, to follow their dreams. From uber to Zomato, every venture has a different idea, a unique story, an idealistic inspiration, and we aim to bring all those to our readers at one single platform! So, if you are enthusiastic and wish to create a difference in the society as a whole, and not just fill your pockets, our Budding Beats Magazine will surely interest you.

Sumanchna Springedge Healthcare

Through this venture, Foxhog has successfully created the biggest chain of private healthcare facilities at affordable prices. Within a short span of time, it has established its name as one of the most accessible healthcare service providers providing open access to world-class health facilities to the community members.

Our focus is to provide the best infrastructural facilities to our patients so that they can be treated by making use of the top healthcare technologies and equipment. We hire the top talents in the fields of medical, and also take international consultants on board with us to ensure the best treatments for our patients. What makes us better than the rest of our competitors is the facility of E-hospitals, which we provide, wherein we provide home-based treatments even in remote rural locations.

Foxhog Academy™

A Foxhog Ventures Edutech enterprises involved in Conducting Summer Internship, Training, scholarship and fellowship programs and more than 200 Courses in association with different market leaders,Universities and Organizations. Foxhog Academy also focuses on online diploma courses and tech courses includes VLSI Design,Artificial Intelligence,Robotics,Computer Science and more.


Sumanchna Old age Home and Renovation Center 

Our old age home facilities are open for all those seniors and older people who cannot live with their families or do not have anyone to support them. We have maintained our housing facilities to ensure full support for these people. At our centers, the older adults can live a peaceful life, and our caretakers take good care of them.

In these old age homes, we give employment opportunities to those people who are unable to get jobs elsewhere due to a lack of required technical skills. Our main objective behind this is to create a space for the elderly to live in peace. This is just our bit for ensuring the happiness of the elderly people in the community.

The Dusto 

India’s 1st Touch less Dustbin bringing you the innovation Ahead

The Kloth Bank 

Foxhog Ventures Corp. USA bringing you to help and to get helped . Your Old pair of jeans which one no longer fits in, an ancient sweater with some wool pulled off, a ragged t-shirt and all such clothing we abandon and move up to the latest fashion.

Sumanchna Social Welfare Trust 

As a part of our CSR initiative, this trust works towards fulfilling our social objectives of helping the community. By encouraging and empowering women, promoting education, and bringing healthcare in reach of everyone, we try to give back to our society. We are doing our bit towards making the world a better place to live for everyone and not just the privileged members. All our initiatives focus on bringing equality in the community where the poor people are also capable of voicing their opinions and accessing the best facilities.

Our Sumanchna Hospital is affiliated to this trust, and through the funds raised here, we are able to provide world-class health facilities to the underprivileged sections of the society. We aim to continue serving the community we live in every way we can!

Sumanchna International School

Started as a dream project of our founder, this school aims to reduce the disparities that exist in access to educational facilities. Through this venture, education can be made available for all, irrespective of their financial status. The idea behind starting this school was to bring equality in this domain and to ensure that the same world-class educational facilities are available for everyone.

In today’s time, private education has become the right of only the privileged members, whereas the poorer sections of the society have to suffice with low-quality facilities. To remove this kind of disparities, the Sumachna International school focuses on providing equal opportunities to all those deserving students who have the capacity to change and conquer the world!

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